Wait…I’m Russian?!

Wait…I’m Russian?!

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I just want to start out by saying, that now that I know I’m Russian, I’m devastated in my motherland’s role in the election.

LOL You guys must be sooooo confused. If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering, “how is T.A. Russian?!”

Picture it…Sicily…1934…LOL I’m kidding (comment below if you know what show that’s from). It actually all started back in August…I was seeing a bunch of people on YouTube do videos about their DNA results. Every person who did one of these reviews was always surprised by some aspect of their results. It made me really curious about where I homedna.pngcame from.┬áSo some quick background about me. I was born in Jamaica, and my family and I moved to America, specifically Connecticut, back in 1992 when I was two years old. My maternal grandmother was cuban, and my father’s side of the family (rumor has it) are supposed to be native Jamaicans.

Anyways, we’re kind of all over the place, and there aren’t well kept records for our lineage. So this ambiguous background of mine made me very interested in learning more hard cold facts about my lineage. So I was given the opportunity to work with the company HomeDNA. They allowed me to try one of their products. I chose to use their GPS Origins Ancestry Test. In addition to their ancestry test they also provide Paternity Test services (you are NOT the father!), SkinCare Kit, and a HealthyWeight Kit.


They mailed the tools I needed to start this ancestry process. I received an envelope and like 4 q-tip swabs in the mail. I was so excited about doing the cheek swab because a friend of mine did an ancestry test (I will not drag the company here) and they required her to spit into a tube. And she said the process sucked because it took her like an hour to summon the requisite spit. Anyways, all I had to do was rub the inside of my cheek with each q-tip, stick it in the envelope and mail it out.

TBH, I thought I was going to receive my results way faster than I actually did. But I’m going to give them a pass on the wait time since they literally tracked my ancestry all the way back to 900 A.D. YUP! Isn’t that insane?! I’m not going to waste anymore of your time. I’m going to jump right into the results percent by percent. Are you ready for it (T Swift voice)?

31.4% Bantu Africa Congo

18.2% Madagascar

16.5% West Africa

8.2% African Pygmies

5.7% Nile Valley peoples

5.6% Tuva (getting into Russian/Asian territory) Honestly, image Google Tuva!

5.2% Northwestern Africa

3.8% Western Siberia (election meddling territory)

2.1% Northern Mongolia and Eastern Siberia

1.8% Fennoscandia

1.6% Southern Ethiopia

Based on all of the information provided my largest percentage is from Nigeria. Therefore, I’m primarily Nigerian, and Madagascan. I’m not surprised about the Nigerian results. Before I got these results, and before I even took the test I had an inkling that I was either Nigerian or Ghanian. I’m more caught off guard by the results of the smaller percentages.

So what makes this product so much cooler than the ones I’ve seen on YouTube (and the one my friend used) is that the results are extremely detailed! The ancestry test provides migration stories. So they explain around what time your ancestors would have been living in a specific location and what was going on in that area during that time, and provide insight to why your family would have migrated elsewhere. They provide the gene pool percentages which I showed above. That is a complete breakdown of my DNA signature! And they provide migration routes. So they show on a map where it’s likely that your lineage started and each stop they made.

All in all, my experience with HomeDNA was an amazing one. In fact, I’m actually getting both my parents tested. I feel like I understand my background so much better (which is a feeling I want my parents to experience). I do have a bunch of new questions…but this is all still pretty exciting. Keep an eye out for a video about this whole experience. I’ll get more in depth about how my boyfriend and parents felt about the results.

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