The Peaks and Pits of My 2017

I’m writing this on the morning (7:30am) of the last day of 2017. I know everyone and their moms and cats and stepdads are saying it, but it flew. I’m personally very happy that it has gone by as quickly as it has. Every year, for every person is filled with a lot of emotions and ups and downs. But from every down moment I learned an invaluable lesson, and from every high moment I learned to be grateful. So let me fill you in on the Peaks and Pits of my 2017.

2017 started off with a bang…in a bad way…

PIT: I started off the year in January by getting let go from my job. Obviously that sucked. It caused a lot of stress and anxiety for me. What did I learn from it? A few things.

  1. Save your money. I had been saving so that’s basically what saved my life. Now I hoard money because nothing is ever certain.

  2. Everything is temporary. Again, nothing is ever certain. Your good situations, and even your bad situations. I spent a lot of time feeling super sad and stressed about unemployment. I was obsessed with my job. I loved the company, the building and I was so excited because I was getting paid very well. And with my student loans a big paycheck was a big deal. When I got let go I didn’t think that I would be able to find another job that could cover all of my bills and allow me to live a good life.

PEAK: I got hired by a Fortune 500 company. The moment I was let go I started pushing out application after application. I am not kidding. I am not exaggerating. The day I was let go, I went home and submitted 10 applications to the biggest companies, and rivals of my past company. The very next day I had 3 phone interviews. I was very determined to not be unemployed for an extended period of time. Eventually, I interviewed with my current company over the phone. While on that call they scheduled an in person interview for 2 days later. 3 hours after that in person interview I received a call saying that I was hired. I was elated to officially be employed again. And I was especially thrilled because they offered me even more (like a lot more) money than my previous company, and the new office is super close to my home. What did I learn? (you’re going to see this one a few times).

  1. Things fall apart so better things can come together. I would have never left my past job in search of better. It was my first real fancy job out of law school, and I was so happy with where I was and what I was making that I wouldn’t have left. I couldn’t imagine that I could do better than where I was. Without being pushed out of my comfort zone I would never have reached out to a major company, and be in a position where I now manage, and get paid more.

PIT: My apartment flooded. In March of this year Brendan and I decided to grab a few snacks for a movie we wanted to watch. We left my place for a total of 15 minutes. When we got back and were walking up the stairs (my place has no elevator and I live on the top floor) Brendan noticed water streaming down the walls of the stairwell. We ran upstairs and when we got to my apartment door I could hear water rushing. My specific apartment unit is a two floor unit. I was in love with it. I decorated it, re did the kitchen. My landlord let me do whatever to it, so it really felt like mine. When I opened the door to my apartment that Sunday in March my apartment was ruined.

The temperature kept fluctuating. At one point it was negative something, and the pipes at the very top of the building froze. The very next day it was 60 something degrees. The pipes began to melt and the pressure from the melting ice forced the sprinklers to go off. I was forced to move out of that unit, and I had to throw away a bunch of my stuff. Lesson?

  1. GET RENTERS INSURANCE. I could kick myself you guys. Renters insurance is hella cheap, and worth it. Don’t be like me. You guys can watch the video of the death and destruction of my apartment here. I started filming for insurance purposes…and then I realized I didn’t have insurance. Sooooo…yea.

PEAK: It just so happened that the week before the sprinkler system ruined my apartment, my next door neighbor moved out of the building. My landlord offered to put me in his apartment for 6 months at the price of my apartment that was ruined. I had never been in my neighbor’s apartment before. So I was shocked to see a massive two bedroom apartment with 6 the amount of floor to ceiling windows, and a panoramic view of the city. I’m sitting in my new bedroom now as I write this. When you sit down and write these things down you really realize how God has worked in your life. This is the best apartment I’ve ever had. It is huge. I have been able to make this place (thanks to my new salary) feel like a home. A real home. And now I have renter’s insurance. Lesson learned?

  1. Things fall apart so better things can come together.

To clarify, I’m going in order of the events as they happened. So there are going to be a few peaks in a row. So bare with me here.

 new place.jpg

PEAK: I started hiking. I was not ever a fan of hiking. But Brendan got me some gear, and really if I can shop for an activity then I’m into it. So I ordered some cute leggings and sports bra and channeled my inner Sporty Spice / Reggie Rocket. Hiking was hard at first, and I complained a lot. But the more I did it, the easier it got. It allowed me to spend so much quality time with Brendan and with friends. I got to see so many cool places here in the Northeast. I saw views that I never thought I’d ever see, and I have a new found love for National Parks.  But most importantly I got in really good shape because of it. Lesson?

  1. Keep trying new things.



PEAK: I was featured on REI’s instagram page. REI is a store that sells outdoor stuff. Like literally anything camping, boating, skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, fishing, canoeing, etc. You name it, they sell it/make it. So this might not sound so cool but they have over 1 million followers. They shared my instagram picture on their account and it received over 5,000 in the first minute. I received so many followers from this feature, and even more features and work due to it. Lesson?

  1. Try new things because you’ll never know what random doors may open.


PEAK: I visited three new states. I went to California, Tennessee, and North Carolina for the first time this year. I traveled a ton this year and I’ve felt so full of gratitude every time I was in each new place. I can’t get into each trip because this post would be a thousand years long. But each one of these trips holds a special memory for me and my family. I just feel so blessed you guys.





PEAK/PIT: The 2017 eclipse. Brendan and I decided to do a full on road trip and drive from Massachusetts to the path of totality in North Carolina. It was an amazing trip. We stopped and watch our first Nascar race which was an experience in itself. We ate an unbelievable amount of good food. We camped, we hiked, we met some weird people. Again, it was a great way to spend some quality time with my favorite guy.

This is sort of a pit because right before the eclipse it got really cloudy and we were only able to catch a few glimpses of it. But all in all it was a great trip. Lesson learned?

  1. Stock up on eclipse glasses now and sell them for triple the price at the next eclipse.



PEAK: I’m going to be a bridesmaid! Two close friends of mine, both of whom I met in law school, got engaged this year. And one of them asked me to be their bridesmaid. I’m so ridiculously happy for them both so it was a bit a peak for me as well!

 PEAK: Shot engagement photoshoots. I always considered possibly doing photography in some professional way. But this year I finally got out there and did it! I shot engagement photoshoots for both of my engaged friends Allyse and Jocelyn. They came out amazing and I had so much fun shooting for my friends.




PIT: My mom lost her short term memory. I got a phone call from my sisters stating that my mom was feeling confused. It almost didn’t seem like a huge deal at first. But I called my mom to check in on her. When she answered the phone she did not sound like me my mom. She sounded distant, and airy. She knew who I was but she couldn’t remember that I lived in Boston, or that I was dating Brendan. I headed home (to Connecticut) right away. When I got to the emergency room my was doing a bit better. She was diagnosed with Transient Global Amnesia. It’s a weird form of amnesia that was stress related. She couldn’t remember anything after 2012, but everything before. She also couldn’t make new memories during her state, but only as it related to new people. Does that make sense? For example, she could remember her phone call with me. But she couldn’t (and still can’t) remember the faces or conversations with any of her doctors. She eventually got her memory back (transient global amnesia doesn’t last longer than 24hrs) but this leads to my next Peak/Pit.

  1. Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

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PEAK/PIT: My siblings and I learned that my mom’s memory loss was stress induced. So we decided in order to relieve stress for her we would sell my childhood home and have my mom move in with my sister. I’m happy about the decision because it means my mom won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, shoveling snow from the driveway, opening and maintaining the pool. This is definitely going to alleviate a lot of stress for her. So for that I am so happy. But selling your childhood home is always a little sad. I’m not nearly as sad as I thought I would be. However, I was very aware that I would be spending my last Christmas in that house this year. So it was a bit bitter sweet. Lesson?:

  1. Treasure every moment you have with your loved ones.

PEAK: I made two new friends. I think that it’s really hard making friends in adulthood, especially once you’re out of school. At my last job there were a few girls around my age but everyone was kind of…cliqued up. At my current office there are a bunch of women around my age. And in my department specifically there are a couple of girls whom I’ve gotten so close with. They’re hilarious and they help make the workday fly by. And that’s also a blessing.

PEAK: I started RCIA classes. I just realized that I have no idea what RCIA stands for. But basically, I’ve started taking classes to convert to Catholicism. If you’re Catholic just think of RCIA as the adult version of CCD. I’ve learned so much already, and I’m excited to finally become Catholic in 2018!


So that’s it. I think that’s a pretty good summary of my 2017. I wrote this mostly for myself to look back on. But If anyone did decide to stick around and read that whole thing then my suggestion for you is to do the same. Writing this down and reflecting on the things that stressed me out, and ultimately the good things that came out of it was extremely cathartic. I stopped and shed a tear a few times, and smiled at my sleeping boyfriend a few others. I don’t think you really realize how blessed you are, or how God hasworked in your life until you sit and reflect on these events as a whole. You may be going through something now and you haven’t gotten to the part where “…better things fall together.” But I promise you will get there.



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    Excellent post. Wishing you an absolute fantastic 2018.

      12/31/2017 / 7:41 PM

      Thanks sweetie!! So much love and well wishes to you in the New Year!

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