My First Engagement Photoshoot!

My First Engagement Photoshoot!


Ahhh! You guys! This is real!

I officially have, not one, but TWO engagement photoshoot sessions under my belt! To be totally honest I never actually thought I’d do a photoshoot. My friends have always jokingly said that they’d want me to shoot their weddings when they finally did get married. Welp, two of my close friends got engaged, and they legit asked me to do their engagement session. So obviously I said YES.

The first session I’d like to share with you is actually the most recent! Please brace yourselves for the absolute perfection that is Dean and Allyse.










How cute are they?!

One thing both my friends discussed with me before, during, and after the shoot was how incredibly expensive it is to hire a photographer for any aspect of a wedding. They both received quotes of over $1,000 for an engagement photoshoot session. That package would only get them around 10 edited pictures. This price point doesn’t even include the travel fee! Crazy right?!

After doing this shoot, and seeing how pleased Allyse was with the overall product, I made the decision to offer my services to other brides at a super steep discount.

So, if you’re recently engaged, live in the New England area (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire), and are looking for an inexpensive engagement photographer (I’m not comfortable shooting a full wedding yet) contact me via the contact page above or directly at I’m offering my services for anywhere between $300 – $500, depending on what state you live in. That price point will get you 10-15 edited photos.

Let me know in the comments below which pic is your favorite!


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