I’m Back!–And I Have Exciting News!



Hey guys! You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting on here frequently, and there’s good reason for that. I took the New Hampshire bar exam at the end of February. And because of this I took some time off from this blog, and from my YouTube channel, in order to fully focus on studying for this test.

The test was a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve taken some time to kind of decompress and get my life back on track. If any of you have taken the bar exam, or are/were in law school, then you know that everything takes a backseat to the test. You guys, I mean EVERYTHING.

I was talking to my mom last night and she basically gave me a list of family and friends who tried to call or text me while I was studying, and were unable to reach me. They would then turn to her and be like “where is Terry?” And she’d have to essentially be my answering machine and say “Terry isn’t taking any calls right now, she’s studying for the bar exam.” You guys, it was THAT serious lmao. I didn’t answer phone calls, listen to voicemails, or respond to texts unless it were ABSOLUTELY necessary. I barely took my parents phone calls. It was really intense.

But it’s all over now! And I don’t know about you guys, but I always come up with my best ideas when I’m supposed to be focused on something else. With that being said, I have one major project that I will be launching on this website. I have officially set a launch date for September 4th of this year. I can’t say exactly what it is just yet. But it will definitely benefit bloggers, and help you grow your audience.

I’m definitely excited about it, and I am so excited for all the posts that I have for this blog! Don’t forget to sign up with Accidentally Adulting to get updates on the upcoming projects, and to find out how I grew my Instagram following to 9k in 9 months!



  1. Mellody
    03/03/2017 / 3:00 PM

    Thought I was going to hear “I am getting married!” Lol

    • ta.masters392@gmail.com
      03/03/2017 / 3:25 PM

      hahahaha nope! you wouldn’t hear through my blog. promise!

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