How-To: Make A Great Impression At Your New Job!

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Hey Everyone!! Happy New Year!

I apologize for not posting anything in the past few days. I have been busy spending time with family and friends for the holidays. I have also been busy adjusting to my new job, AND studying for the bar exam! Phew! SO. MANY. THINGS.

I don’t know about you guys, but this year is the year that I make a lot of positive changes in my life, career, and finances! I really believe that we can all make HUGE advances in our lives by making little changes.

So let’s start with our career!

If you’ve been following my blog (and brand new website!!) then you will have come across my career series which has followed the personal changes in my career. These posts are: How To Nail Your Phone Interview, and How To Nail Your In Person Interview. This post is just the next step in landing and keeping your dream career. ┬áSo let’s get started!


1. Get A Good Nights Sleep


I believe that this is the most important thing you can do before starting your new job. You MUST be fully rested. The last thing you want is to be sluggish, or incapable of paying attention on your first day. Particularly because this is the day when you’re likely to interact with your manager/supervisor the most. And you don’t want to give off the impression that you’re lazy or uninterested in the work.

So get to bed earlier than you normally would, grab that cup of coffee, and be the most attentive, and alert new hire they’ve got!


2. Dress Appropriately


Find out ahead of time what the dress code is at your office, and dress accordingly. If you don’t have that information dress formally and adjust once you’ve gotten a feel of your work atmosphere. I believe it’s better to be over dressed than underdressed.

On your first day befriend someone and ask about the dress code. Does your office observe casual Fridays? Do your work meetings have a dress code? These are the things you must know!


3. Be Enthusiastic


This kind of goes hand in hand with getting rest. You really need to be enthusiastic. If you’re inattentive and uninterested on your first day then that is a red flag for your boss. More than anything you want to show that you’re interested in your new position, and excited to be with the company and contribute to their mission whatever that may be.


4. Be Prepared


You might not know exactly what you’ll be doing on your first day, but you can be sure that you will be learning a whole lot. You’ll learning about your new company, your specific position, the location of the bathroom (lolol). The point is that you’ll be learning a lot of new things. SO BE PREPARED! If nothing else have a notebook, writing utensil, and highlighter. You’ll need them for all of the new passwords for the various technologies you’ll be using, for all of the new processes you’ll be learning, and so many other unexpected things.

It’s like the first day of school. You don’t want your boss to be explaining something to you and you’re just sitting there like “…excuse me do you have a pencil…and paper…” That’s just the worst. It makes you look bad, and it makes your boss wonder about your future with the company.


Those are the four things I think are the most important when you first start your new job.

If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


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