How I Made $3200 Blogging in December 2017!

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Well you guys, it’s finally happening. I’m doing an income report. If you dig deep enough into my website you will definitely find a blog post in which I criticized bloggers who do this. But I get a lot of questions about how to make money online. Now $3200 in one month is not a ton of money. But when combined with the income from my full time job it makes a huge difference. So I can now officially say that this isn’t just a hobby, it’s a part time job.

First, I know not everyone will have the time to read all of this (we’re busy gals!) so I’ll link the main tools you need to make money blogging below. If you’d like to get more in depth you can find each of these discussed in detail below.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


Free Tailwind (get $15 for free!)

Join my Tailwind Tribe to grow your Pinterest


Have a blog on Blogger or another platform? Migrate your blog to WordPress!

Make Awesome Images for Pinterest using PicMonkey

I just want to clarify that I did not start Accidentally Adulting in order to make money. I started this site after I failed the bar exam. I was so angry, sad, and frustrated. I needed to vent, but mostly I needed to distract myself from how disappointed I was. I would like to consider myself a creative person. So the idea of building and designing a website seemed like a fun way to distract myself from everything that was happening in my life. Thus, Accidentally Adulting was born. It wasn’t until I delved into the blogging world that I even knew a person could make money from it!! I started reading other girls’ blogs and that’s when I bumped into Income Reports. I was floored by how much money some of these girls were making just from blogging! I’m sure you all know this by now, but some people make BANK! Like quit-your-job-and-do-this-full-time kind of money. I was so shocked!

Needless to say, when I first started blogging I was making $0. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I was totally doing this just for fun. It took almost 7 months for anyone to even notice my site. I began growing my subscribers by commenting and liking other people’s blogs. It was a ton of work, but I was so determined to grow this site. After a while, smaller companies began reaching out to me. I still wasn’t earning any money, but I was getting free stuff. I was getting A LOT of free stuff. Then one day I was reading a post from a blogger who was making a lot of money blogging, and she said that bloggers should value the time and energy that they put into blogging and shouldn’t just accept free things, but should instead demand payment. You know what? She was totally right. I felt so shy about asking for money for the work I was doing. Reading that helped to change my mentality about blogging, and specifically about what I was doing. This wasn’t just a hobby, it was something that I wanted to be a job. So I began treating it like one.

It’s taken some time for me to make this blog profitable. But after 2 years, I’m finally in a place where I feel ready to give some advice. So these are the steps I took to earn $3200 in December 2017:



This is the program that turned my whole blog around. It was not until I signed up for this that I made my first dime online! Michelle runs the blog Making Sense of Cents and she legit makes over $100k a month from her blog. She created this sensecourse to teach people how to make money blogging like she does. If it were not for this course I definitely would not be making any money today. It is the most in depth, step by step course I’ve taken so far. It dove deep enough into the information that was necessary, without being overwhelming. So if you are serious about making money from blogging, then you should consider taking the course. You can find more information about this course (and learn about other girls who earn WAY more than I do because of it) by clicking here.


So at this point I would say that 50% of what I make comes from affiliate marketing. Here’s a very quick, broad overview of what affiliate marketing is for those of you who don’t know. Basically when you’re an affiliate marketer you get paid every time someone clicks on a link that you provide for a company. So for instance I’m an affiliate marketer for Bitcoin. If I wanted to make money for them, and for myself as an affiliate marketer I would include a link to something from their site, or to the sign up portion of their website. If people were to click that link I would get a certain amount of revenue for referring them to the page. If someone were to click that link and then end up purchasing Bitcoin, or just signing up for the site I would get a certain amount of revenue from that sale. Make sense? Good. If you’re still confused I would once again recommend the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course I mentioned above. Everything I know about affiliate marketing I learned from Michelle and her course. So you can follow the links above to learn more, or click here. Also if you are interested in Bitcoin or other Crypto currencies (they’re blowing up right now) click here.

Affiliate tool used:

ShareASale: So ShareASale is a website that allows you to find thousands of merchants (brands/stores) who are looking for people to promote their things (affiliates). So instead of having to shareasalereach out to all the brands you’d like to work for individually, you can instead do it on ShareASale. It’s perfect because the website also stores all the links that you’ll need when you promote, and you can also track the traffic, and money you’re bringing in for each merchant you’re working with. So it’s really a one stop shop. So if you want to browse ShareASale and see what they offer and if it’s relevant to you click here.



Now in order for affiliate marketing to work, you need people to click on your links. In order for people to click on your links, your work and your links need to somehow magically appear in front of them. Because news flash, people can’t click on what they don’t see. But I’m going to let you in on a little, tiny, itsy bitsy secret. Lean in close. Are you ready? Tailwind can get your links on people’s little laptop screens (and phones of course lol). If you combine the magic of Pinterest and the tailwindmagic of Tailwind you will most definitely get viewers. So if through some miracle you’ve never heard of Tailwind, I’ll do a quick breakdown for you. Every successful blogger swears that Pinterest is where they get a majority of their traffic. After taking Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, it is now where I also get the majority of my traffic. But getting a bunch of views from Pinterest means constantly re-pinning posts, and just generally being super active on Pinterest. Most people who are running a blog, Instagram account, Facebook account, and writing an e-book DO NOT have time for that. On Tailwind you schedule a bunch of posts to be pinned and re-pinned throughout a day, a week, a month…or even a yeaarrrr! Sorry about that (I’m not sorry). The point is, in 15 minutes you can schedule a post to go out multiple times a day for a week or so. And Tailwind will post for you, and you will gain followers and re-pins from it! See how that works? So basically, Tailwind has essentially become a necessity in the blogosphere. You NEED it. Tailwind isn’t typically free, but you can get it for free by using my link here (YOU’LL ALSO GET $15 FOR SIGNING UP!!) If you already have Tailwind you should join my Tailwind tribe: VIRAL LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS!! I re-pin the posts of those who pin within the tribe. And I respond directly to questions there! 🙂


Okay, so I may have buried the lead here. But in order for you to make money blogging, you need to be blogging. And the best platform to blog on is WordPress. WordPress is where I started blogging, and when my sister decided to blog I recommended she use WordPress too. Why do I like WordPress? Well first let me start by saying that I used to have a blog on Blogger and I found it confusing. I was never able to get my site the way I wanted it. So a few years later when I started wordpressAccidentally Adulting I did some research and found WordPress. It is super simple to use, and because it’s a larger platform there are a ton of apps/plug-ins that are compatible with it. If you don’t blog at all then plug-ins may seem amorphous to you. But let me tell you having the ability to include popular and helpful plug-ins that are actually compatible with your site is EVERYTHING. So if you’re not a blogger you can start your blog FOR FREE here. And if you’ve already started blogging you can quickly and easily migrate your website by clicking here!


That’s it! I think if you utilize these tools you’ll also be able to start making money blogging! Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to go into more detail on any of these. You can leave questions in the comments below, on Instagram (@accidntal_adult), or feel free to shoot me an e-mail ( I will always answer any questions! And if you’re interested in growing your site feel free to reach out via e-mail to have your post featured here on Accidentally Adulting!



  1. 01/07/2018 / 11:00 AM

    I love this post and thnak you for sharing. I have been blogging for 2 going on 3 years. Just as a hobby- for fun and to share my passions with others and network and connect. But now I’m at the point where I want to expand my blog and find ways to make a little “side” money. This was very helpful.

      01/16/2018 / 4:21 PM

      That’s awesome! I think the blogs that start out as a passion project are the ones that end up being the most successful! Good luck girl! And if you ever want to talk or collaborate feel free to shoot me an e-mail ( or DM me on insta (@accidntal_adult)!

  2. 01/07/2018 / 12:44 PM

    Great advice! Congratulations on your success! I hope 2018 brings you more than 2017 did!

      01/16/2018 / 4:21 PM

      Thanks so much love!

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