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I have been getting a lot of questions about this lately since my Instagram following has grown quite a bit in a very short period of time. Growing your social media following can be very difficult if you aren’t aware of certain techniques. Instagram is a very important social medial tool to utilize because it is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. But it took me a long time to gather certain tips and tricks for Instagram growth, because I wasn’t familiar with what it took to grow my social media. So if you’re struggling to gain followers, or get likes on your Instagram account, then read the tips below and I promise you will notice get a bunch of Instagram followers really fast.

Get Instagram

If you don’t already have an Instagram account for your blog then you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. It is super helpful to join the instagram blogger community. If you post a link to your blog there, you will notice increased traffic to your site.


Separate Your Accounts

I would recommend that you separate your personal instagram account from your blog instagram account. This helps you stick with a specific theme.


Instagram Aesthetic

I had no idea about aesthetic when I first started Instagram accounts. But it is the best way to gain followers. Think about every time you’ve ever followed an account. It’s probably because that Instagram feed had a very specific theme. Meaning the pictures were all similar in some way. This requires you to edit your pictures, or take your pictures in a similar way, to create a cohesive feel or theme in your Instagram feed. A good aesthetic will have similar colors, or composition. People are just more likely to follow an account that is pleasing to the eye.


High Quality Photos

You can not take low quality pictures. Now this doesn’t mean you have to run out and get an expensive camera. Because you can still take crappy pics with and expensive camera. What you need is good lighting. Make sure your photos are well lit, and clear. This will draw a lot of followers.



You can’t just create an account and expect everyone to come to you. Like and comment on other peoples pictures. Follow other people. If they see you constantly liking or commenting, they will eventually click on your pic and will probably end up following you. Also, reply to comments on your own pics. This increases the interactions on your blog posts, and increases the visibility of your posts to other users.


Hashtag it Out

Hashtags are so important. But you need to use them strategically. Don’t use a hashtag that a million other people are using, your pic will definitely get lost in them. If you’re just starting out you want to use hashtags that have about 5-15 thousand users. People using that hashtag are more likely to see your pictures, and are more likely to then follow you.


Join a Comment Squad/Pod

This is very good for growth! Join or create a squad with about 15-20 other bloggers. Each member will notify the group dm via pic or emoji when they’ve posted a picture. Then the other members will go and like and comment on the pic. This helps to increase interaction and visibility. Additionally, members of the squad/pod are usually required to follow the other members. So that’s an automatic 14-19 new followers. I’m personally part of 3 pods.



Whenever you collaborate with any other blogger or company, ensure that it’s a part of the deal to share your social media links. Every collaboration I am part of, I make sure to have them share this site, my instagram account and my youtube.




Those are all the tips I have to get a lot of Instagram followers really fast! Let me know if you guys have any questions, or if you’d like me to make a youtube video on this!




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