Basic New England Autumn

Basic New England Autumn

Hey guys! So this post is a mix of good and bad. I’ve said in the past that I wanted to share more personal stuff here on the blog. And I can’t really do this blog post without getting a little personal. Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

So this past weekend I went home to Connecticut. It wasn’t a planned trip at all. My mom lost her short term memory. She couldn’t remember where she was, why she was there, the month, the year…nothing. Obviously my family was really freaked out and I went home to be with her. This has happened to her before, about 13 years ago. This time around the doctors were able to see her a lot sooner, and we got a diagnosis. My mom has transient global amnesia.The good news is, transient global amnesia is totally fleeting, and has no long term affects. Basically a persona with this diagnosis will experience an episode of amnesia. They won’t remember anything regarding their current situation (i.e. location, date, time, etc.), but they do retain their identity and their history. So she knew who she was and who I was etc. The best part of this is that it never lasts more than 24hrs. And once the episode is over the person goes back to normal.

So bad news, my mom has transient global amnesia. Good new, my mom only has transient global amnesia. It really could be so much worse.

Once she was back to normal and remembering things (just a few hours later), and my siblings and I learned that she was in no medical danger, we were obviously very happy.

I decided to spend the next day in Connecticut with my mom and my family doing cute fall family activities. We visited Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT and went pumpkin, and apple picking. And we struggled through a really aggressive corn maze. All in all, it was a great time. And I just felt really blessed to be able to spend time with my mom.

Here are some of the pictures from our little outing! Follow my instagram account (@accidntal_adult) for more pics!

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This blog posts takeaway: Every moment you have with your loved ones is a blessing, so cherish every second.


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