A Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day


I’m not single this Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t been single for quite some time. But Brendan and I’s anniversary falls exactly 10 days before Valentine’s Day. So we choose to celebrate that instead of Valentine’s Day. So on the 14th of February, I choose to treat myself. And when I do this I always wonder “why don’t my single friends do this?”

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite things to do when celebrating Valentine’s Day on my own!

I know some of you ladies hate being single on Valentine’s Day, but there really is no need to be upset about it. Use this day to focus on yourself. Use this day to love yourself. And I’m going to show you exactly how.


This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday. If, for whatever reason, Valentine’s Day is particularly hard for you take the day off from work. Just take a vacation or sick day. Then you can use the whole day to try out all the activities I’m about to recommend. Or you can stay inside all day (avoiding all the love and mushy stuff) and binge watch romantic movies on Netflix.




Now that you have the day off, it’s time to treat yourself. I swear this isn’t sponsored, I’m just really into Groupon lol. Groupon has so many deals, and I find myself scrolling through it just for fun. Go on Groupon and book yourself a spa day. There are great deals on facials, or massages. I’m not kidding. I was just looking and you can get an hour massage in the Boston area for $65. Go soak in a mud bath! Maybe the spa isn’t for you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get your lashes done, or your eyebrows threaded. Whatever it is you want to do, go on Groupon, book it and get a great deal.

The whole point of this is to do something that results in you getting pampered, and you leaving feeling physically better than you did when you went in.




This is one of my favorite things to do. I basically do it all year long. When I fill my house with flowers during the year it makes my house feel lighter, fresher, and more positive overall. So I would recommend that you go to Trader Joe’s on February 13th, and fill your place with all of your favorite flowers. Legit, try to fill most, if not all of the rooms in your place with flowers. **LIFE HACK: Trader Joe’s has super super cheap flowers.** When you wake up on February 14th you’ll be greeted with a bunch of your favorite, pretty flowers. And you will immediately be in a great mood!




This is another activity that I do throughout the year. I know that some people feel uncomfortable doing these kinds of things by themselves. But it’s so important to learn to spend time with yourself. You are the most important person in your life, so you should be able to have fun with yourself. But if doing something like this makes you super self conscious, try going to the movie theater during the day. Again, V-Day is on a Wednesday; so you will definitely have the entire theater to yourself if you go at 12 on Wednesday. So this Valentine’s Day, take yourself to a movie you’ve been wanting to see, and get yourself all the treats from the concession stand!




This goes for anything, it doesn’t just have to be an outfit. Take this day to finally buy yourself that thing you’ve been wanting for a while. I would personally order something online. That way you get the excited shopping feeling you get when you click the purchase button. But then you also get the excited happy feeling a few days later, when what you order is finally delivered. So it’s a happy double whammy!




I don’t cook often. And I don’t think anyone would say that I’m the best cook. So I always feel excited and happy when I try a new recipe, even when it doesn’t come out exactly as planned. So another recommendation would be to try a recipe from Pinterest that you’ve been wanting to try for a while. What I would personally do is go grocery shopping for the ingredients on the 13th. I would choose a crock pot recipe that I’ve had saved for a while (so you don’t have to spend the entire day inside cooking). Then in the morning, or right before you go out for your movie, put the crock pot on. This way you’ll have a delicious dinner waiting for you after your day of self love.




Maybe you’re not at all interested in making a meal for yourself. That’s fine too! Gather a bunch of your single friends, or friends like me who have a boyfriend but don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or celebrate it on a different day. Spend this night drinking, eating, and laughing with your girls. I honestly can’t think of anything more fun than that. This could also be a fun way to connect with friends who you haven’t seen in a little while. The past few years I’ve noticed that girls do this and call it Galentine’s Day. I think this is so awesome to celebrate the love and bond that you have with your girl friends.

That’s it loves!! I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day! Remember that the most important person in your life is you! And if you are in a relationship just remember not to lose yourself in it. Hold on to what makes you happy, and what makes you you!

If you all want to connect with me more don’t be shy! Shoot me an e-mail at accidentallyadulting@gmail.com. You can also watch my vlogs featuring myself and my very weird boyfriend on YOUTUBE. Or you can follow me on my INSTAGRAM account (I respond to all DM’s. And I feature my followers in my IG story @accidntal_adult)!







  1. CIT154B-AndreaL
    02/20/2018 / 3:58 PM

    Thanks for posting the tips! I’m not single either and I never thought to just use Valentine’s Day to celebrate self-love!

    • ta.masters392@gmail.com
      02/20/2018 / 7:13 PM

      Yes girl! You’re not the only one! But now that you know you should do it every year! MULTIPLE times a year!

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