A Letter to My College Self



I know I’m not the only one who wishes they could go back and give their past self some much needed advice. So here’s my letter to my college self, filled with all the advice I wish I knew back then.

Dear Terry,


How’s your first semester going? I bet a million dollars you’re having the time of your life. But before you get too far into the best 4 years of your life (trust future you, you’ll never have more fun or less responsibility) I want to give you a few very important pointers.

First, break up with him. It will not be the end of the world. Trust me, you’ll be fine. Now don’t date him, or him, and especially not him. You’ll know exactly who I’m talking about the moment you meet them. And for the love of Joe Pa (btw there will be a lot of controversy around him in a few years) when you walk into DU do not slap the bag. You will get mono, and it will suck!

I know you think that you’ve changed your mind about law school, but you do end up going. So join that group of pre-law kids, they definitely know what they’re doing, and that group is going to be so supportive during your time there.

And most freaking importantly, do not ignore your student loans! I know getting those letters about your balance freak you out. But it’s more stressful later on once you’ve realized how out of control your loans are! So hurry up and apply for that job at the bookstore (you do get a discount on your textbooks, that’s not a rumor), and put half of that check towards your monthly interest rate. I swear you will save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars!

You’ve already got that one loan, but you still have 3 more years of college! Make sure that for the next few years you truly pursue all of your financial options before taking out any private student loans. Do your research girl, because they really suck. No worries, this doesn’t have to be any formal research, you won’t have to cite anything. Just check out this site  they have some awesome tips to help you save money. Plus they make paying for college and all the financial mumbo jumbo that goes along with it, a lot easier to understand.

Finally, save up a little cash on the side because in a couple of years you’re going to Paris…and London…and Rome. Take it from a girl that’s been there, participating in the London yogurt study for extra cash is no fun…make sure Anita knows that too.

You’re going to do amazing things. I’m so freaking proud of you!


Future You




  1. vvnightingale.com
    01/18/2017 / 6:32 PM

    Aww I love these letters that people write to their past selves. Mine would definitely involve a lot of telling myself to avoid certain boys (lol). x


  2. 01/23/2017 / 1:57 AM

    I love this! I’m a teen myself and can relate a lot to this letter and the advice it gives.

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