2017 Christmas Décor Roundup!

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flocked2You guys!! It’s finally here! The Christmas season is upon us! And I’m here to help you find the prettiest, inexpensive, most Instagram worthy,  #HouseGoals Christmas décor EVER! So turn up your Spotify Christmas playlist and LET’S. GET. JOLLY WITH IT!

I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite Christmas décor that I’ve actually purchased for myself this year! You guys I’ve found the trendiest Christmas décor items, and I’ve linked them all down below WITH DISCOUNTS! Why?! Because Christmas is the season to give to others. So let’s get into it!

My first and favorite purchase so far is this Christmas tree! I initially wanted a flocked Christmas tree (with fake snow). This is very on trend, I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram and other home décor sites. But after doing some research I learned that these flocked trees can be a little messy. And I really can’t be bothered with that lol so I got this tree instead. It has a little bit of “frost” on it so I kind of get the look I’m going for without the big ole mess!

Here’s the Christmas tree I purchased (53% off right now):



And here are a few of the flocked Christmas trees that I was considering. If you don’t mind a little bit of a mess, then these are great options

Flocked Tree (1), Flocked Tree (2)

flocked 1





My next favorite holiday décor purchase is yet another Christmas tree! lol This one is tiny! I ended up purchasing 4 of these. Two for my office and two for my dining room table at home. It’s tiny, it’s frosted, it has mini pine cones on it. It’s super festive and very cute! And it’s less than $20! (TABLETOP TREE)




My next purchase was this super cute garland! (This is starting to feel like a haul video…via blog…lmao) Anyways, I’ve had garland in the past but I decided to get a new style. So I bought two of the below garland to wrap along the railing of my staircase. If you’ve seen pictures of my apt then you know that I have an awesome spiral staircase. They’re pretty much made to be lit up. You can find a picture of my old apartment here (which is a smaller version of my current apartment) to see the vibe I’m going for this year. (GARLAND)


That’s it! Those are my favorite purchases so far! I’m still shopping for super cute traditional ornaments to add to my tree this year. I’ll keep you all updated with that. I tend to purchase ornaments at Home Goods because they have a ton of unique handmade ornaments there. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and on YouTube to see how my apartment turns out this year! I hope to have everything up and festive in about a week or so!

Where do you guys get your holiday décor? What’s your holiday aesthetic? Is it super girly, modern, or more on the traditional end of the spectrum? I think I’m more on the traditional end.


Let Me Know What You Think!